Category : Epic Episodes

  • Vortex Cannon

    • 2:16
    • 2013-08-02

    We found a strange portal into a world of fog vortexes. Note: Many bubbles were harmed in the making of this video.

  • Rock’em Sock’em Robots

    • 1:40
    • 2013-07-19

    We give the classic game the slow motion treatment.

  • July 4th Firework Cookout

    • 1:30
    • 2013-07-05

    We’re celebrating July 4th in style with fireworks and a cookout – all at once. Happy birthday America!

  • Off Road Rumble

    • 03:41
    • 2013-06-21

    How many cars does it take to look awesome in slow motion? Just one.

  • Eggsplosion

    • 1:20
    • 2013-06-07

    What’s better than breaking an egg in slow motion? Breaking an ostrich egg. With explosives.

  • Epic Stencil

    • 2:39
    • 2013-05-24

    We created a giant stencil using balloons, five gallons of paint, and a two-story drop.

  • Leaf Blower Projectiles

    • 2:04
    • 2013-05-10

    When you have a leaf blower and a high speed camera, there’s not much else to do except aim it at your face.

  • Sneezing

    • 2:28
    • 2013-04-26

    Snorting pepper to induce sneezing is not so fun, but adding in some powdery goodness to the mix made it all worthwhile.

  • Guitar Smash

    • 1:40
    • 2013-04-05

    We grabbed our guitar, lit it on fire, and smashed it to pieces. Jimi Hendrix would be proud.

  • Stuff in a Blender

    • 2:34
    • 2013-03-22

    Our little blender withstood everything we threw at it. Soda can? Check. Hot dogs? Check. Light bulbs? Check. Lid off? Absolutely.

  • Fly Swatting

    • 1:03
    • 2013-03-08

    Yes, the fly was already dead. Regardless, this may still be slightly gross. Note: the use of “slightly” here depends entirely on your tolerance level.

  • Gargling

    • 1:48
    • 2013-02-22

    If you thought gargling was gross before, wait until you see it up close and in slow motion.

  • Bouncy Balls

    • 2:31
    • 2013-02-15

    What do you do with 1500 bouncy balls and a high speed camera? Anything you want to.

  • Jell-O Throwing

    • 2:08
    • 2013-02-08

    Watching Jell-O bounce around is pretty mesmerizing, but the real fun started for us when we resorted to throwing it at each other’s faces.

  • Arm Waxing

    • 0:52
    • 2013-02-01

    Today Zach is getting his arm hair ripped out, just for the sake of slow motion. Good thing we got it in one take.

  • Alarm Smash

    • 0:52
    • 2013-01-25

    Few things are more satisfying than taking a sledgehammer to a ringing alarm clock.

  • Soda Rockets

    • 1:31
    • 2013-01-18

    Doing the classic soda and Mentos experiment upside-down makes for some sticky, wet, and fun bottle rockets – in that order.

  • Giant Bubbles

    • 2:05
    • 2013-01-11

    Making gigantic bubbles is awesome. Watching them burst in slow motion is even better.

  • Balloon Pop

    • 1:56
    • 2013-01-04

    Brittney hates the unexpected sound of a popping balloon, so naturally Zach forced her to pop one in her own face.

  • Coin Snatching

    • 1:40
    • 2012-12-28

    Remember that childhood game of catching coins off your elbow? Turns out, it’s a lot more fun to watch in slow motion when we miss.